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Where can I play Pickleball?

Pickleball is played in a variety of facilities around Sweden. Youcan play where there is a decent level surface that is not grass. Everything from schools, churches, institutions, racquet halls, campsites to pure Pickleball halls.

At Minpickleball.se you have the opportunity to find your nearest place where you can start playing, Pickleball is not in your place so why not start yourself. Its simple, cheap and we help you!

Where do I find gear?

In order to play Pickleball you need a simple course that is as small as a badminton court with either a lowered badminton net or pickleball net, paddles and balls is needed.

Svenskpickleball.se Pickleball is a cheap sport and paddles cost from about 50 EUR and a ball costs about 3 EUR. Svenskpickleball.se has a large assortment where you also can find starter and school kits.

Where can I get help?

Contact us at the Swedish Pickleball Association, we help whether you are a private person, association, company or school that wants to get started with Pickleball.

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